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natural harmony PLANTS

Yokohama, 2023

Rebranding project for an organic lifestyle shop in a commercial complex. In order to bring out the best of the shop as a whole, a circular flow line was incorporated to create a 'fun to walk around' in the irregularly shaped shop block, creating a new impression for customers who visit the shop and making them enjoy coming to the shop. While using natural materials such as domestic cedar wood, a modern impression was expressed through lighting and shapes.


为一个商业综合体中的有机生活方式商店进行品牌重塑项目。 为了将店铺的整体性发挥到极致,在不规则形状的店铺区块中融入了一条环形流线,创造出一种 "走动的乐趣",为到店的顾客创造出一种新的印象,使他们喜欢到店来。 在使用国内杉木等自然材料的同时,通过照明和形状表达了现代印象。

photo@ Akito Goto

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