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Yokohama, 2023

This is a renovation project for a 50-year-old vintage condominium located on top of a high hill, where the wind escapes and a forest spreads out before one's eyes, providing a sense of nature. The project consists of three areas: workspace, living room and bedroom, which are planned as a large one-room space so that they can be felt as a single unit without being divided. The bathroom facing the living room is not closed in, but has a view of the forest outside, and the living/dining room and bathroom are integrated to create a feeling of spaciousness. The bedroom is made of charcoal plaster to create a restful space, and the workspace is designed to be quiet and conducive to concentration. The aim was to create a home where nature can enter the dwelling and where people can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


这是一个有50年历史的老式公寓的改造项目,它位于一个高高的山顶上,风从这里吹过,森林在人们眼前展开,给人以自然的感觉。 该项目由三个区域组成:工作区、客厅和卧室,它们被规划为一个大的单间空间,这样可以让人感觉到它们是一个整体而不被分割。 面向客厅的浴室并不封闭,而是可以看到外面的森林,客厅/餐厅和浴室融为一体,创造出一种宽敞的感觉。 卧室是用木炭石膏制成的,以创造一个休息的空间,工作区的设计是安静的,有利于集中注意力。 其目的是创造一个可以让自然进入住宅,让人们可以远离城市的喧嚣的家。

photo@ Akito Goto

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