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Tokyo, 2023

The owner took over the shop from a three-generation Western goods shop and transformed it into a new bar. The name Fujiya was given to the bar by the owner's grandfather, who could see Mount Fuji from the location, and it has been an important name for the town for a long time. Fuji, which is associated with the shop's name, as a place where the history can be inherited and where new people can gather. Inside, custom-made bottle racks, lighting and mirrors are used to make the drinks look beautiful, and guests are welcomed with stately, cosy furniture.


店主从一家三代人的洋货店接手,将其改造成一家新的酒吧。 富士屋这个名字是店主的祖父给酒吧起的,因为他可以从这个地方看到富士山,而且在很长一段时间里,这个名字一直是这个城市的一个重要名字。 与店名相关的富士,作为一个可以继承历史的地方,也是一个可以聚集新朋友的地方。 在内部,定制的酒瓶架、照明和镜子被用来使饮料看起来很美,用庄重、舒适的家具欢迎客人。

photo@ Akito Goto

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